Samurai 7

Samurai 7Samurai 7;  Released In 2004 And Available on 7 Discs, 26 episodes.


While it originally aired in 2004, I believe this series was not available  in the states until  2010, dubbed that is.  At lest I do hope so. I can’t begin to phantom the idea of going so long without know  this series existed. Since I try keep things short, this is a must see, buy or rent just get your hands on all 7 discs.

The current average on Netflix is 4.2 stars and I came close to rating it 4 stars, at lest half way thought the 7 discs. But that would have been a hastily score.

In the beginning I was blown away by the quality of the artwork and animation. By the end the story/plot melted it all together. The voice acting is one of the best so far. I could go on about how much money they spent making this, but one can just read the wiki link. Truly a master piece on its own. I really cant compare it to any other series.  Oh and by the way, 5 stars all the way.

It’s possible to go over ever character in this story. Each person adds a level of dimension to the story, that’s for sure. In some cases I did find my self wishing they made a pre “Samurai 7” with everyone's background story. Maybe some histories, how each member ends up where they meet. But this could just ruin the whole series, I guess. Honestly it would be way to much reading and in my case to much typing to cover all the characters.

So without extending this to much longer, how do you compare this epic story? It didn’t feel childish or with over the top comedy. It felt very mature, with out all the blood and gore. If you enjoyed “Princess Mononoke”, “Steamboy” , or “Ninja Scroll”. Then this series blends those epics and turns out a whole new epic of it’s own, with memorable characters and story line to boot.

Kaze No Stigma: Season One: Two Disks


As the Wiki Link states in 2007 the anime series was released In Japanese and in May of 2010 it came to North America. Currently FUNimation is scheduled to release the full dvd set in September 2010. At lest all 24 episodes, while Netflix currently has 13 episodes, on two disks.

The average score on Netflix is 4 stars, As for me I would lean more on 3 stars. I come close to scoring It 4, but I'll wait for the rest of the series to come out. Since the plot can be read off the Wiki, then I'll just put out my quick and dirty version of the plot.

I'll try to keep this short. The main characters Kazuma had been banished from his clan. This clan has the ability to control fire in the manner of spells or fighting abilities. Kazuma was one such member, But to weak and unable to control fire, therefore his family disowned him.

Now i found my self feeling like i was watching inuyasha at times. I have to say i enjoyed  this film, but i have to wait to see what follows. It had some good animation and  not bad voice acting on the English dubbed version.



Two set DVD

The series “Strike Witches” and my thought on it, I’ll try to keep it short, since this Video has been out since January of 2010, I believe. Strike Witches

This weekend (08/07/2010) I went and order the dvd set. I was not impressed, I would give it a 2 out 5. Below average in comparison to the Netflix rating of 3 stars. I really have difficult time understanding why they place these characters in what seems to be World War II. Yes I could go over the plot from their point of view and all, but just head over to Wiki from the link.

This is my plot for this series. A force of 6 or 8 girls/kids, (only one said she was reaching 20) manage to single handedly destroy the Neuroi, in their panties.

Neuroi are energy beings, that would be the Germans in World War II, The only thing standing in their way of world conquest is Britannia/Britain.

Through out the episodes the girls  walk around in shirts and panties. The artist/animators spend a lot of time on crouch shots. It's crazy how often there's a scene from below. One other thing, when not fighting Neuroi, they find time to grab each other boobs, this is funny. Sometimes even when fighting.

Look I'm down for fun and games in Anime. But there isn't much of a story. Nothing to original. Not much is explained, witches powers for instance. There's no real reason for the girls to grow tails and big animal ears when in armor. Each girl seems to have a special power, but not much is told about them. So I guess if your one those that like furries, it's all yours

It's not too much of a waste, but not something I would buy or back-up. If you like era like Anime just BUY “Steam Boy” or “Claymore”

Steamboy     Claymore