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Fresh Start?

This New Year will be a better one. It's what I think and what people say. Every year it sounds and feels the same. It can only get better we say. But that's not true. It can always get worst. It's never as bad as you think. Trust me when you think things can't possibly get worst, it does. It's kind of foolish to think that that at the strike of midnight our lives will change much. That a New Year will bring us a different out come.

Has the light switch been off this whole time, “Happy New Years” light switch on? I often hear/read that positive thinking will change the direction, but people often forget action is required. I feel most people lose track of time and forget to take action, I know I do. I also think that action is misleading, what action does one need to take, to make the year a better one. Is it work, is it house, or is it a hobby? The problem might be the direction one needs to take and finding a solution is like trying to get over writers block.  

Would a list help, who knows I doubt it won't hurt to try. One thing that seems to hurt is distractions. I'm not talking about emails and IMs’. I’m talking about games, TV and reading/researching, Hobbies don’t forge them. Spending to much time on any of these and you’ll never get to do what you really want to do.  

What is you/I really want to do.  Do you want to finish reading all those books you bought or would you rather finish writing your own. How about learning how to make game or finishing the ones someone else made.  Or working for some else or working for your self.  It’s just a mater of time you think, one day, this year I'll get it done. I’m sure you will.

If you have computer with access to the Internet it’s all very possible. If you have a computer and no Internet, but have a smart-phone then you have the Internet. If you have nether, then find your self closest library or Internet café.  For the most part you will be limited with libraries and the Internet cafés’. But you can still do some research, write and upload to Lulu, Amazon epub or fastpencil. These all a means to filling that itch of self publishing, so get that novel finished already.  

If video is you cup of tea, and then get to it. While many would start on YouTube, I for one would look at other alternative to the almighty Google.  A place like Blip.tv is great place to start a web series.  Similarly Openfilm.com is also a great starting place. Both of these places give you ad-revenue, which they so kindly place on your videos as pre-rolls or after, if you choose so.  If you’re not looking at making ad-revenue, then Vimeo.com Is a great place to try out.

It doesn’t end there. If making video games is the direction, then put down those programming books. I’m not say you won’t need it, but using game engines like Unity3d will get up and running in your fist game right away. Programs like Blender (blender.org) also provide you a game engine and a platform for the creation of 3d assets.  

It’s very easy to get lost online and loss track of time. I’m sure it’s all for research, but just get working on your ideas already. Make the New Year a better for your self and stop just waiting for it to change by it’s self.

Ending the Year

As the year comes to an end, it’s crazy to look back and think, wow what happened, where did it go, why are things still not complete (projects)? Or at lest a few more episodes completed.

Time is a funny thing, it just keeps moving forward. I sometimes I wonder when looking at my dog if the world moves around them at a faster pace. After all, dogs as many other animals age at different time frame. For them the earth going around the sun; one year means little to them, in terms of age. But seasons do tend to play an important role for many of them. 

In any case how can humans’ manage the time allocated to them? People spend most of the day at work, whether 8 hours or 10. Then we need at lest 7 to 8 hours of sleep, to function in a reasonable manner.  So at most 18 hours are gone, with at lest 6 hours to spare for the day! 

Which feels like a lot, but I swear I only have like 4 hours to spare. So how do I get any free time to work on projects? I guess I could try for the weekends.  But we all know that close to impossible. 

It’s hard to organize time for yourself, when so little of it is left after cleaning, cooking, washing and other chores. You also can’t forget time you spend with those you enjoy spending it with. At the end of the day you really have to work really hard to get few hours to work on any hobbies, projects of any kind. I find that reading and writing tend to be the easiest of the projects to get to. I find that once I do jump on modeling out some kind of item, I end up having to fix problems with the program in use. Which I then just end up wasting few hours, even though I swear the last time it was working fine. Either some kind of setting is lost of a config file seems to be wrong.

 So I guess just wait and see and try to get as much done with as little time that I have.

Penny For Your Thoughts

If I had a penny for every idea I had, I would be rich. But that’s what all the entrepreneurs say. Ideas, there are plenty of them; it’s execution that matters. So what is prevents that execution?

It’s always something, isn’t it? It never seems to end. As I start to move onto the next idea or even on the same old; something stops the momentum.  I would arguer that I can’t even start the motions. So how does one continue to progress, while things like health, bills and other life issues arise.

As for my thought process it’s very hard to focus on single thought when I’m feeling overwhelmed.  It’s also brings on this kind of boredom to my head. As if everything I do, think, read or listen to is so boring; which in-turn adds to my frustration.

So where are these projects at? Better yet which one am I on this week? As of last week I starting jotting down some ideas for a book I think I could do, the title not sure yet. Since I spend so much time researching online. I might be able to provide some useful info. This week I guess I started up rewriting a story I wrote last year into a script, titled Vanguard the Vigilance. I’m hoping to jump back on the videos for lifebytes.tv and finish up. I have few things to render out before I do my recording. I also need to rewrite most of the reviews since they are kind of old now.

What’s the hold up? Reflecting back on the slow progression, I would say vehicle break down, vehicle insurances trying to charge me too much and then saying it was canceled but not canceled. Lack of time, once I get out of work I still have no time to allocate to my projects. Well not mentioning the other dramas in my life. I’ll just have to hack and slash my way to the end. One way or another I’ll finish what I’ve started.