Ending the Year

As the year comes to an end, it’s crazy to look back and think, wow what happened, where did it go, why are things still not complete (projects)? Or at lest a few more episodes completed.

Time is a funny thing, it just keeps moving forward. I sometimes I wonder when looking at my dog if the world moves around them at a faster pace. After all, dogs as many other animals age at different time frame. For them the earth going around the sun; one year means little to them, in terms of age. But seasons do tend to play an important role for many of them. 

In any case how can humans’ manage the time allocated to them? People spend most of the day at work, whether 8 hours or 10. Then we need at lest 7 to 8 hours of sleep, to function in a reasonable manner.  So at most 18 hours are gone, with at lest 6 hours to spare for the day! 

Which feels like a lot, but I swear I only have like 4 hours to spare. So how do I get any free time to work on projects? I guess I could try for the weekends.  But we all know that close to impossible. 

It’s hard to organize time for yourself, when so little of it is left after cleaning, cooking, washing and other chores. You also can’t forget time you spend with those you enjoy spending it with. At the end of the day you really have to work really hard to get few hours to work on any hobbies, projects of any kind. I find that reading and writing tend to be the easiest of the projects to get to. I find that once I do jump on modeling out some kind of item, I end up having to fix problems with the program in use. Which I then just end up wasting few hours, even though I swear the last time it was working fine. Either some kind of setting is lost of a config file seems to be wrong.

 So I guess just wait and see and try to get as much done with as little time that I have.