Honesty is the Best Policy?

Although the completions of production, reviews and videos move along slowly, life doesn’t. Things seem to creep along slow, but then the year is over.  One year gone and where did it go?  I’ve always notice this about 2 months into the year. One day we are parting for New Years the next I’m like wow already February.


About 5 years ago I attempted to move forward with being a web-show producer/ entrepreneur. Before that I was trying to complete other projects. One such project was a small shop for VFX (Visual effects).  While I was going to college to attain my Degree in Mechanical Drafting, I did some Photoshop work for people, mostly repairing old prints.


With a load of distractions, I decided to also start posting my thoughts. While this may have not been my intention for lifebytes.tv. The section Bits of Life will focuses on all my work in progress, current distractions and keeping track of my excuses of the week. Oh and some ranting and inner voice talking out loud. I will say it will hopeful keep me on track and help me tackle some of the problems I encounter on my journey.