Penny For Your Thoughts

If I had a penny for every idea I had, I would be rich. But that’s what all the entrepreneurs say. Ideas, there are plenty of them; it’s execution that matters. So what is prevents that execution?

It’s always something, isn’t it? It never seems to end. As I start to move onto the next idea or even on the same old; something stops the momentum.  I would arguer that I can’t even start the motions. So how does one continue to progress, while things like health, bills and other life issues arise.

As for my thought process it’s very hard to focus on single thought when I’m feeling overwhelmed.  It’s also brings on this kind of boredom to my head. As if everything I do, think, read or listen to is so boring; which in-turn adds to my frustration.

So where are these projects at? Better yet which one am I on this week? As of last week I starting jotting down some ideas for a book I think I could do, the title not sure yet. Since I spend so much time researching online. I might be able to provide some useful info. This week I guess I started up rewriting a story I wrote last year into a script, titled Vanguard the Vigilance. I’m hoping to jump back on the videos for and finish up. I have few things to render out before I do my recording. I also need to rewrite most of the reviews since they are kind of old now.

What’s the hold up? Reflecting back on the slow progression, I would say vehicle break down, vehicle insurances trying to charge me too much and then saying it was canceled but not canceled. Lack of time, once I get out of work I still have no time to allocate to my projects. Well not mentioning the other dramas in my life. I’ll just have to hack and slash my way to the end. One way or another I’ll finish what I’ve started.