Two set DVD

The series “Strike Witches” and my thought on it, I’ll try to keep it short, since this Video has been out since January of 2010, I believe. Strike Witches

This weekend (08/07/2010) I went and order the dvd set. I was not impressed, I would give it a 2 out 5. Below average in comparison to the Netflix rating of 3 stars. I really have difficult time understanding why they place these characters in what seems to be World War II. Yes I could go over the plot from their point of view and all, but just head over to Wiki from the link.

This is my plot for this series. A force of 6 or 8 girls/kids, (only one said she was reaching 20) manage to single handedly destroy the Neuroi, in their panties.

Neuroi are energy beings, that would be the Germans in World War II, The only thing standing in their way of world conquest is Britannia/Britain.

Through out the episodes the girls  walk around in shirts and panties. The artist/animators spend a lot of time on crouch shots. It's crazy how often there's a scene from below. One other thing, when not fighting Neuroi, they find time to grab each other boobs, this is funny. Sometimes even when fighting.

Look I'm down for fun and games in Anime. But there isn't much of a story. Nothing to original. Not much is explained, witches powers for instance. There's no real reason for the girls to grow tails and big animal ears when in armor. Each girl seems to have a special power, but not much is told about them. So I guess if your one those that like furries, it's all yours

It's not too much of a waste, but not something I would buy or back-up. If you like era like Anime just BUY “Steam Boy” or “Claymore”

Steamboy     Claymore