Kaze No Stigma: Season One: Two Disks


As the Wiki Link states in 2007 the anime series was released In Japanese and in May of 2010 it came to North America. Currently FUNimation is scheduled to release the full dvd set in September 2010. At lest all 24 episodes, while Netflix currently has 13 episodes, on two disks.

The average score on Netflix is 4 stars, As for me I would lean more on 3 stars. I come close to scoring It 4, but I'll wait for the rest of the series to come out. Since the plot can be read off the Wiki, then I'll just put out my quick and dirty version of the plot.

I'll try to keep this short. The main characters Kazuma had been banished from his clan. This clan has the ability to control fire in the manner of spells or fighting abilities. Kazuma was one such member, But to weak and unable to control fire, therefore his family disowned him.

Now i found my self feeling like i was watching inuyasha at times. I have to say i enjoyed  this film, but i have to wait to see what follows. It had some good animation and  not bad voice acting on the English dubbed version.