Hunter_Prey_html_m50b0c360Hunter Prey; Released on DVD in 2010. But apparently came out on film in 2009. This is currently available on Netflix stream and DVD.

I had no idea what this film was about. In all honesty all I saw was the two characters and the title “Hunter Prey”. I had to watch it. This poster really did what its’ suppose to do. It captured my imagination and made want to see what is going to happen.

Although I personally would rate it a 4 our 5, its’ current average rating is 3 stars, on Netflix. So in all it’s not a bad rating. While some might call this a B movie, due to lack of funds and well it is a low budget film. Personally I think that it rivals some of the A titles out there. It also does what films like “Monsters” tried to do, but 100 times better.

So as one can tell I have sweet tooth for this film. This was only after watching it, I swear. It really is a must see! I’m not saying it’s going to blow your mind. But the film is shot beautifully, nice story and the use of people in monster suits instead of replacing actors with cheep cg characters is a plus. These creatures where nicely done, nothing to fancy but not to unbelievable. Elements for this type of film where present, with a small twist. I was really not sure who the human was.

While I do like to keep it short since most of information is available and other reviews are long winded. I'll say this, the director(Sandy Collora) of this film really proved that you can do a lot with a little. While many other films in the genre would have spend well over millions, with no plot or story and character build-up. This Film did it better with an estimate of 425,000; where those other would have none of plot/story and character build-up.

So as far as the cons in my mind, the ending was bit predicable. I did enjoy it, in any case. It was a little funny when a bounty hunter shows up to try to take the human. Kind strange but you have make the shots count right. Hunter_Prey_html_m7220ba5d7

As far as other films I would compare it to, “Enemy Mine” staring Dennis Quaid. If you enjoyed this film, then definitely check out “Hunter Prey”. If anything rent it, I would buy it. But that's juts me.