The Good Man Jesus...


Philip Pullman’s “The Good Man Jesus and the Scoundrel Christ” Myths

Before moving on, Philip Pullman is renowned author of “His Dark materials” and much more. His views and books have been criticized by the church. This book shouldn’t be viewed as an attack on church (unless I’m wrong). More like an awaking, realization of some possibilities the church might be over looking. A Less supernatural view of Jesus and more of natural view on events, which could have taken place?

Jesus Christ or was it Jesus and his twin brother Christ. This is the idea Philip Pullman tosses out with this great book. While some see the bible as fact and/or a form of historical value. This book adds to the idea that there could be historic merit to Jesus. But with the twist, that he had a twin bother that wrote the word of Jesus as his own; not by choose that is. Thought out the book a man, Christ believes to be an angle, requested from him to document his brother’s life. Giving Christ the belief that everything he did would change the world for better.

I really don’t see this book as a way to debunk Jesus. But a way to give Jesus his humanity back. In truth this book feels more realistic then the bible its’ self. Jesus is portrayed as a man pushing equality, but not to be viewed as a king or as a messiah. Thought the book his brother Christ secretly recorded the action and events of his brother. In the end Christ was responsible for Jesus’ betrayal and responsible for his immortality and as the son of god.

I really enjoyed this book, rating this book a 4 out 5. Over on Amazon the average score is 3 ½ stars, its great reading material and worth buying. If you don’t have time to read just pick up the Audible version, it’s narrated by Philip Pullman. 

Samurai 7

Samurai 7Samurai 7;  Released In 2004 And Available on 7 Discs, 26 episodes.


While it originally aired in 2004, I believe this series was not available  in the states until  2010, dubbed that is.  At lest I do hope so. I can’t begin to phantom the idea of going so long without know  this series existed. Since I try keep things short, this is a must see, buy or rent just get your hands on all 7 discs.

The current average on Netflix is 4.2 stars and I came close to rating it 4 stars, at lest half way thought the 7 discs. But that would have been a hastily score.

In the beginning I was blown away by the quality of the artwork and animation. By the end the story/plot melted it all together. The voice acting is one of the best so far. I could go on about how much money they spent making this, but one can just read the wiki link. Truly a master piece on its own. I really cant compare it to any other series.  Oh and by the way, 5 stars all the way.

It’s possible to go over ever character in this story. Each person adds a level of dimension to the story, that’s for sure. In some cases I did find my self wishing they made a pre “Samurai 7” with everyone's background story. Maybe some histories, how each member ends up where they meet. But this could just ruin the whole series, I guess. Honestly it would be way to much reading and in my case to much typing to cover all the characters.

So without extending this to much longer, how do you compare this epic story? It didn’t feel childish or with over the top comedy. It felt very mature, with out all the blood and gore. If you enjoyed “Princess Mononoke”, “Steamboy” , or “Ninja Scroll”. Then this series blends those epics and turns out a whole new epic of it’s own, with memorable characters and story line to boot.